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Do you have a games night at your house?  I grew up in a family that had religiously regular games of Kalooki, which I always enjoy, and which my father is still fanatical about, but something about games night smacks of a pushy cruise director, and I tend to resist being involved in them. 

This might change my mind. 

Here is an article about the game at The New Yorker.

And a post from Bookslut about book lovers playing the game.

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This lovely-looking game is not available on this side of the pond, but look at what fun it promises!  For ages six and up!  I’m six and up!
From the site:
The fist edition of BOOKCHASE® was launched at the Hay International Literary Festival in 2007, to rave reviews. Bookchase is the perfect game for anyone who has ever read a book. The game can be played with questions or without – fast or slow. Ever dropped a book in the bath, or lent a book to someone and never got it back?? 2-6 players aged 6 and upwards – the perfect family boardgame. First to collect, beg, borrow or steal 6 books is the winner. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS GAME IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE TO CANADA OR USA – THANKYOU

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