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According to an article in today’s Globe & Mail by Marsha Lederman, Robert J. Wiersema’s Walk Like a Man, a biography and memoir of Bruce Springsteen, will come with a perk.  Each of its thirteen chapters is about thirteen tracks, and readers will be able to listen to those tracks for free when the book is published.  The article mentions other authors who have released soundtracks to accompany their fiction.

I have written before about my soundtrack for my Canadian Literature course.  I got the idea from Nick Mount.  Who says it’s an ivory tower?!  Nick was ahead of the game!

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Awesome!  Thanks to Shawna Lemay for the link.

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I created a playlist for my survey of Canadian literature course.  This one covers the first term: contact literature to the end of modernism.  The syllabus with musical accompaniment is below.  If you think of any good pairings, please do make suggestions in your comments.  My preference is for Canadian musicians, but that’s obviously not a strict rule.  I love to play with my playlists.  I’m currently wondering where best to put Metric….

Canadian Literature

ENG252Y LO101

Syllabus with Musical Accompaniment I

With thanks to Nick Mount for the idea.


Thomas King “Coyote Columbus Story”

“Coyote Dance” Robbie Robertson

Exploration Literature

Samuel Hearne from “A Journey”

David Thompson from “Narrative of His Explorations”

John Franklin and Dr. John Richardson from “Narrative of a Journey”

Margaret Atwood “The Age of Lead”

“Northwest Passage” Stan Rogers

“We Are Singing the Good Songs” Iroquois Women Singers

Travel & Settlement Literature

Anna Brownell Jameson from Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada

Catharine Parr Traill from The Backwoods of Canada

Susanna Moodie from Roughing It in the Bush

Margaret Atwood from The Journals of Susanna Moodie

“My Name (Ode to Susanna Moodie)” Night Sun

“A Canadian Song” Night Sun

Early Representations of Canada’s First Nations

George Copway (handout) and E. Pauline Johnson

Harry Robinson “Captive in an English Circus”

Emily Carr “Kitwancool”

“Emily Carr” The Wheat Pool


Major John Richardson Wacousta

“Horses” Rheostatics

“Holy Mackinaw Joe” (hockey announcer Joe Bowen’s famous phrase; Mackinaw is another name for Michillimackinac)

Confederation Poets

Charles G. D. Roberts

Archibald Lampman

Duncan Campbell Scott

“Tantramar Station” Great Plains

Social and Political Satire

Sara Jeanette Duncan from The Imperialist

Stephen Leacock “The Marine Excursions of the Knights of Pythias”

see Moxie Fruvus below


World War I

Charles Yale Harrison Generals Die in Bed

Charles G.D. Roberts “Going Over”

Duncan Campbell Scott “Canadian Aviator”

Jane Urquhart from The Stone Carvers

J.G. Sime “Munitions!”

“Oh, It’s a Lovely War”

“Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag”

“Elegy for Strings Op 58” Elgar

Modernist Poetry

E.J. Pratt

E.J. Pratt Towards the Last Spike

F.R. Scott

A.J.M. Smith

Earle Birney

Dorothy Livesay

“Canadian Railroad Trilogy” Gordon Lightfoot

            Lightfoot’s musical epic

“My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors” Moxy Fruvous

a contemporary echo of Scott’s satirical look at the writing scene

“Poets” Tragically Hip

“Night and Day” Cole Porter

the inspiration for Livesay’s “Day and Night”

Modernist Fiction

Ethel Wilson Swamp Angel

“Hockey Skates” Kathleen Edwards

a latter day Maggie escapes love gone wrong: “You can meet me at 10:30 but I won’t be there I’ll be gone”

“Lodestar” Sarah Harmer

Bridging Modern and Postmodern

Sheila Watson The Double Hook

“Old Coyote” The Weepies

“O Fortunata” from Carmina Burana Carl Orff London Symphony Orchestra

“O Fortune, like the moon you are constantly changing, ever waxing and waning”


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