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Surprise Packages

I received in the mail today a lovely surprise: a letter and a gift from The Folio Society.

I write to express my warmest thanks for your support of The Folio Society.  We do hope you are enjoying the editions you’ve ordered this year.  As one of our most valued members in North America, your enthusiasm for our books is especially important to us.

We wish to express our gratitude in a tangible way and are pleased to enclose a gift of special edition Folio [letterpress] notecards, each one featuring a different quotation from Shakespeare.

(We needn’t dwell on their sense that I am one of their most valued members in North America.  I’m quite certain that my bibliophilia is not in the least extraordinary.  At least it’s not shoes, at least it’s not shoes, at least it’s not shoes…..)

But, honestly, there could be no more fitting a gift of thanks than a set of letterpress cards on deliciously heavy stock.  I’m thrilled to have received them.

Thank you, Folio Society.  Long may you reign as quality publishers of covetable books.


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