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So, how long does it take you to decide if you are done with a book, calling it quits?  Me, I’m a very reluctant quitter.  This is not any kind of a hard work ethic, I am simply all too prone to the belief that others know better than I.  I must not be getting it, I think, then soldier on.  After a disaster with a Dorothy Sayers mystery that involved intricate timetables for trains that I slogged through while on holiday last summer (On holiday!  Think of all the other books I could have curled up with!  I carted a box of books to the east coast and they languished while I plodded on and on and on with this awful thing.), I swore that I would never, ever waste time on a book that was not working.

I lied.  I still find it very hard to give up on a book.

Well, Nancy Pearl, the only librarian to have her own action figure, has dictated from on high that I can quit after 50 pages.  Check out her article in The Globe today.

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